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    How to Maintain Proper Hydration in the Elderly to Avoid Dangerous Health Risks

    January 17th, 2020 Misty Delegato
    Ensure proper hydration in the elderly.
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    Try This when Caring for Someone with Dementia: Laughter Therapy

    January 10th, 2020 Misty Delegato
    Try laughter therapy when caring for someone with dementia.
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    4 Questions to Ask the Doctor When Managing Multiple Senior Health Issues

    January 3rd, 2020 Misty Delegato
    Know which questions to ask the doctor to ensure seniors receive the best care.
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    End of the Year Update - Auto No-Fault Reform Update

    December 22nd, 2019 Misty Delegato
    Read below how the year ended regarding Auto No-Fault Reform:
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    Researchers Are Taking a Second Look at This Promising Alzheimer’s Disease Treatment

    December 16th, 2019 Misty Delegato
    Taking a second look at a potential Alzheimer’s disease treatment. After sixteen very long years without a truly viable Alzheimer’s disease treatment, there is some hope on the horizon, in a stunning reversal regarding the formerly-rejected antibody therapy, aducanumab. The most up-to-date research reveals that high doses of this medication do, in fact, decrease cognitive decline in the early ...
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    New Year Resolution Goals for Family Caregiver Help to Inspire Hope

    December 11th, 2019 Misty Delegato
    New Year resolution goals can be inspiring for family caregivers and their loved ones. If you are among the 8% of Americans who actually achieve their New Year resolution goals, congratulations! However, if you are like most of us, you have given up before even turning the calendar page to February. Although of course it is commendable to make an effort to better ourselves by resolving to get rid ...
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    Discussing Personal Finances With A Senior Loved One: Tips For Success

    December 6th, 2019 Misty Delegato
    Learn tips to have productive discussions about personal finances with a senior loved one. Amongst the hardest decisions for older adults is accepting the need for help with financial matters. Personal finances are both exceedingly personal and a representation of your independence, and adult children, in many cases, are met with resistance when stepping into the financial arena with regards to ...
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    MBIPC Advocacy Update 12-2-2019

    December 2nd, 2019 Misty Delegato
    Below is the recent update from MBIPC on the Auto No-Fault Reform:
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    November 13th, 2019 Misty Delegato
    Below is the recent update from the team at the MBIPC on the Auto No-Fault:
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    Michigan Auto No Fault Update-November 2019

    November 8th, 2019 Misty Delegato
    Below is the recent update from the team at the MBIPC on the Auto No-Fault changes coming soon:
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